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#Hammarö Skatepark, Hammarö, Sweden 2018

IMG_0018IMG_0078IMG_5983 modIMG_0022IMG_0019

Architecture, Projectplanning, Construction.
Co-Constuction: Bryggeriet Bygg

#Vildaparken, Väse, Sweden, 2017

Johnmag FS Air 2 mod John Magnusson, BryggerietKids IMG_4469 IMG_0014 IMG_4054Architect, Project Manager, Co-Construction
Construction: Bryggeriet Bygg, Farmtrade, VB Projekts AB

#Vildaparken, Väse, Sweden, 2017


Reclaim true musicianship, I would like to see 99,9% of todays popartist pull something like this off. But hey instead of being bitter lets just enjoy this and may seeds be planted in your mind and soul.



Bororius Vids #1


picked up by Joakim @copture

Today I hit Säffle with my Buddy Joakim Näzell from to capture some material of a school area for a major mapping company. His drone is of the type that don’t make as a part of war, but more for possibly suspicious company´s affiliated with dirty biniz. only joking, but it´s very possible however.  Im afraid flying with drones and cameracopters might be illegal  in about two years, so one better stack that money now before business gets heavy regulated.

informative video on metronomes

Trying to get into what the metronome is about and the variations of sounds of metronomes in particular, found this informative video.